Welcome to our website!

“God made the cat in order that humankind might

have the pleasure of caressing the tiger”
Victor Hugo


Hello, my name is Elena Cherviakova, and I’m glad to see you at the webpage of  my cattery “Diamond Regnum”, which is registered in FIFE system.

Cats always has lived at my place. I picked them at streets, their breed was never important to me,  - I loved them with all my heart. They understood me without words and followed me everywhere. All my problems seemed insignificant or even were forgotten, when I step inside my apartment and heard the greeting purring of my home’s Keeper.

But one day I accidentally saw a miracle... a tiny light-blue coloured kitten with round cheeks and naïve look. It was a combination of royal dignity and gullibility. My heart missed couple of beats and than continued beating again…

This is how, in 2007, slowly stepping with velvet paws, MY FIRST British Shorthair came into my life. Since than, my heart is filled with love to this astonishing and surprisingly many-sided breed.

We are breeding the British Shorthair Cats of solid colors. Our pets belong to the best breeding branches of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Holland, Germany and Great Britain. Our cats are always in the centre of attention at international exhibitions. Sonorous titles and high prizes, won by them at this events, are the best  expert proof of their brilliant breed qualities.


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