Our dear SC Ceasar Caro Mio de la Horsky park* SK  got the title of NW - National Winner-2012!
Only one British cat in Russia got this title this year!
 Also, our cattery is one of the best catteries in Russia!




140 and 141 International Cat Shows in Estonia, Tallinn  November 10- 11 , 2012

Judges: C.Spaijker, A.Schukin, L.Coste, F.Calmes, L.Nordström, O.Komissarova, A.Wittich
In. Ch. Caesar Caro Mio de la Horsky Park * SK (BRI C) - 1 days - Ex1, CAGCIB, nom BIS. 2 days - Ex1, CAGCIB, BIV, nom BIS.

Our favorite boy was given the title Gr.In.Ch.!

Adele Diamond Regnum * RU (BRI a) - 1 days-Ex1,BIV.2 days-Ex1, BIV (total), nom BIS.


13-14 October 2012 Bastet Internationale FIFe Shows, Russia, Saint-Peterburg


On show FIFe, the project Zoosphere October 13-14 in St. Petersburg - took part:

In. Ch. Caesar Caro Mio de la Horsky Park * SK (BRI C) - 1 days - Ex 1, BIV, CAGCIB. 2 days - Ex1, CAGCIB, BIV.

Ch. Waness Jacke de la Horsky Park * SK (BRI A) - 1 days - Ex1, CACIB. 2 days - Ex1, CACIB.

Adele Diamond Regnum * RU (BRI a) - 1 days - Ex1. 2 days-Ex1, BIV (total), nom BIS.

Overall, the show a success! We were glad to see old and new friends. With strong competition on the second day,
we took a little Adele BIV among the British blue and was nominated for BIS.
The judges noted the excellent coat texture and harmonious development of the whole.
We are glad that our little princess thrives on the show.


15-16. 09.2012 International Cat Shows, Latvia, Riga


In. Ch. Caesar Caro Mio de la Horsky Park *SK – 1 days: CAGCIB , nom BIS , BIS ! 2 days - CAGCIB.

A great trip! Spa Hotel! Great result! Will enjoy socializing with friends.
Thank you for the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian breeders for show stunning blue British!
We love you Latvia! More photos on the page show.


08-09.09.2012 Bastet Internationale FIFe Shows,Russia, Saint-Peterburg

On show club Bastet for the first time participated our kittens.
Alltwo days our litter was nominated for Best in show is the best litter 3 categories!
Ch. Caesar Caro Mio de la Horsky Park * SK - closed title In. Ch. FIFe.
Two days was found - BIV in the strongest competition.
Separately received scores of our little star Adele Diamond Regnum * RU.
In the first and second day Ex 1. BIV among all blue-British! Became BIS (best kitten category 3).
Baby kidnapped heart judges Jaana Yurkin.

21-22.07.2012 INTERNATIONAL CAT SHOW, Jelgava Latvia

I am pleased to report - on the show in Latvia (Jelgava) -
Caesar Caro Mio de la Horsky Park * SK - became Champion (FIFE). Two days Ex 1 and BIV - a lot of competition.
On the second day got CACIB, and became BIS 3 category (male).
Excellent organization show - spacious airy room! Beautiful benevolent neighbors!
Absolutely fantastic panel of judges! Expertise at the highest level.

Thank separately Donatella Mastrangelo - the highest ratings for our baby. Thank you for the warm welcome - Latvia!


31.06. - 01.07.2012 136 and 137 International Cat Shows,TALLINN, KRISTIINE SPORDIHALL, Forelli 12, Estonia

We took part in the show in Tallinn (Estonia).
Were presented to our young male and kitten. All have received great reviews, and description.
Very pleased with Caesar - his coolness at the show made us hope for his excellent show temperament. Which is very important in the breeding program.
Colin won the competition in the CAC and took the SUPREME (Best Cat 2-day show(WCF). 
Stephania was very modest - Ex1 and BIV all two days.



We have great news! We became the owners of a truly lovely little girl.  
We express our sincere gratitude to Lisa Söhngen Rimberg cattery for great attitude and excellent breeding qualities
Stefania vom Rimberg.

20 April 2012

Beautiful parents


Waness Jacki de la Horsky Park *SK & Parker of Sweet Brit
We have kittens. 3 males and 3 females. All kittens blue color with short hair. We are grateful to the friendly cattery Sweet Brit (Latvia) and personally Viktoriya Karandey for the warmth and attention.

All Kittens have found a new home.




31 March - 01 April 2012

Show a friendly club "Astarta." In this show, as well as before going on - the competition was the strongest! Our lilac teddy bear was modest - but the results speak for themselves! We love and believe in you baby!


1 day - Ex 1, Nom Bis, Best YUNIORS
2 day - Ex 1, Nom Bis, Best YUNIORS

24-25 March 2012

We participated in a show of our beloved club Bastet (FIFE). For the first time we presented our new baby Caesar Caro Mio de la Horsky park. It was exciting to hear the opinion of the experts!


1 day - Ex 1 Nom Bis Best YUNIORS 2day- Ex 1


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